Redscrew Patents and Certifications

RedScrew Patents

  • Patent No: ZL 99200405.5: Twin Screw Pump
  • Patent No. ZL 99201251.1: New Tooth-Profile Screw of Twin Screw Pump
  • Patent No. ZL 00245885.3: Twin Screw Granular Making Machine Special for PAM
  • Patent No. ZL 200520025537.x: Single-Suction Double-Side External Bearing Twin Screw Pump
  • Patent No. ZL 200520025564.x: Cast Casing for Horizontal Double-Suction Twin Screw Pump
  • Patent No. ZL200620026000.x: Low-Inlet Quick-Open Easy-for-Clean Filter
  • Patent No. ZL200620027775.9: Multiphase Twin Screw Pumps for High Gas Content Condition
  • Patent No. 2008820143478.x: Gas-Liquid Separation Device of LPG Twin Screw Pump

Certifications and Associations

  • ISO/TS 29001 Quality Management System certified
  • ISO 9001 Quality Management System certified